Watching Pope Francis with Preschoolers

I love teaching in a Catholic school so much. Why? Well, it’s not the money (but then, as a nun I chose a life that would never be rich). It’s not the status either (ditto to the last sentence). It’s the … Jesus.

Take last Wednesday as the College of Cardinals burned white smoke. The whole school was excited! Every classroom turned on the TV (actually, we broadcast on our Smart Boards). We watched and discussed what was going on.

Even my preschoolers understood that we would have a new pope. When St. Francis came out and bowed to the world, he began a relationship of love with us all. The kids felt it, for sure. We said a prayer for him.

I love teaching about religion and Jesus. It’s in everything we do, every day. I loved experiencing this historic moment with my kids and my colleagues. And the new pope himself?

I love that the new pope follows the same life of simplicity that the Benedictines value. St. Francis is a wonderful role model for us all … and Pope Francis reflects that. It was a wonderful day and a wonderful beginning. Blessings to him and the whole Church!

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