Our Week of Saints

I am calling this the Week of Saints in preschool. Not because it would take a saint to live in this preschool classroom, but because we are learning about 3 saints this week.:)

The kids already knew that we wear green on St. Patrick’s Day,  but didn’t know anything about the saint’s life. I showed them a cute video from Veggie Tales that shared some of his adventures. Fun!

St. Joseph’s Feast Day was also this week. We began that lesson by discussing a picture of St. Joseph. I asked the kids who they thought it was, and who they thought he was holding. Baby Jesus, of course!

St. Joseph was Jesus’ dad on earth. He was a carpenter (this was a new word for the children!), and made things out of wood. We all drew pictures of something we thought Jesus and St. Joseph might have made together, like dads and kids do everywhere. The kids also thought they might have built blocks like we have in our centers … or like the window we took turns peering out of above!

Yesterday, we talked about St. Benedict, whose feast day is today. I shared that this saint is especially important to me, because my order – the Benedictines – is named after him!

I explained that St. Benedict wrote a book called The Holy Rule to help people live the way Jesus asked us to. It’s a very gentle guide. St. Benedict was very loving.

Then I told the story of Placid’s rescue. In it, a little boy named Placid goes to the lake for water, fills his jug too quickly, loses his balance and falls in. St. Benedict sees what has happened in a vision and sends Maurus (one of his monks) to the rescue. Maurus runs across the water, grabs Placid and runs back to shore. When he reaches the shore, Maurus realizes that he ran across water, not land! This miracle is attributed to St. Benedict.

After we talked about St. Benedict and miracles and whether it would be a good idea for them to try running across water :(, we colored a drawing of St. Benedict. Happy St. Benedict’s Feast Day!!

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