Yay for Snow Days!

If you think the kids are the only ones who love snow days, you’re not a teacher. 🙂

Today started off like any school day: I got up, did Lectio Divina (spiritual reading), laid out my clothes and packed my backpack for school. Then I thought, I better check to see if school has been canceled. The snow looked heavy and the forecast was bad. Nope, school was still on.

I hopped in the shower, got dressed and headed down to the chapel for Lauds. I hadn’t expected school to be canceled; in my 3 years of teaching at Our Lady of Grace it’s only been canceled once.

But at the end of Lauds, Sister Janet, who teaches at Seton, stopped me. She said school had been canceled after all. I checked my messages and Hallelujah! It was true!

Snow days are something I’ve cherished since I was a kid in Dubuque (and we had a lot of them there). They are a gift from God. We have no plans, no appointments, no jobs scheduled. You can do whatever you want to do. Wow!

A snow day is God’s way of stopping time in a teacher’s life (or at least we take it that way). Today, I may work on a project I’ve been meaning to get to. I will spend extra time in prayer and spiritual reading. I may even do a little non-spiritual reading (maybe that mystery I received as a gift).

I will enjoy extra time with my community, at prayer, Mass, coffee and lunch. I’ll have a chance to visit with Sisters I often don’t see till the weekend. I will love every sacred minute of it. God bless the snow day!!

One thought on “Yay for Snow Days!

  1. Lovely post. Living in Dallas, Texas we rarely have snow,let alone,snow days. What I enjoyed most about your post was your inadvertent witness to the rhythm of monastic life.


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