Pennies … and Love! … for Pachyderms

At Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy, preschoolers dream BIG. Pachyderm big, that is!! And we did something about it!

Here’s the story: Last January during Catholic Schools Week, the preschoolers insisted they wanted to go into the community and do service just like the big kids. That’s a little tough on our schedule (many are half-day), and given our need for naps, snacks and jumping around, though. 🙂

We had heard about Niabi Zoo’s desire to build a bigger home for Babe and Sophie, their Asian Elephants. We wondered, What can we do to help?

And then we thought, We can collect pennies! Sure enough, our kids got into the project and were able to present $253.10 to Niabi Zoo representative Sharon Friedman this week. That’s a lot of pennies!!!!!

Sharon taught us lots of great things about Babe and Sophie. Babe likes to paint, for example. And they both like to smash watermelons before they eat them. And, guess what? The teeth they eat the watermelon with weigh up to 8 pounds apiece! We all fell in love!!

We had a great time learning about these fabulous creatures, and a great time being of service. At OLGCA, Jesus Time is never restricted to religion class. Jesus Time is all the time … even when we’re caring for animals.

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