Catholic Sisters on the Spot: Grace Kids Interview Benedictines

Grace 3rd and 4th grade students – some of whom I had for preschool a few years back! – welcomed the Benedictine Sisters of St. Mary Monastery today for the final day of National Catholic Sisters Week.

The students had enjoyed stories about the Sisters before meeting them.

Sister Rosemary’s story was about how she had helped an orphan. Sister Margaret had helped some Spanish-speaking moms learn English. Sister Mary had helped some children at Project Renewal. And Sister Mary Jane had helped a child who had no arms.

Everyone crowded into Mrs. James’ classroom to meet and ask questions of the Sisters. The Sisters had a great time, and the kids did too.

Some children even asked the Sisters whether they were glad they entered religious life!

I loved it maybe most of all. To share my life with the school community is just wonderful!!!

We welcomed guests from the Catholic Post and Dispatch – Rock Island Argus newspapers, too. Watch for stories about this fun and informative event next week!!!!

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