A Little Quiet … A Couple of Good Friends

After a vigorous week with the kids :), it was wonderful to come home to the quiet of the monastery and chapel. Sometimes nothing sounds better than … nothing! I also was renewed by a visit from a couple of dear friends.

Nancy and Maggie live in Cedar Rapids, where I lived and taught before entering religious life. We are blessed to have found each other. We have supported, listened, cared, loved and prayed for each other.

Nancy and Maggie (shown here at my Monastic Profession last summer, Nancy on the far left and Maggie 3rd from left) are my cheerleaders and I am theirs. They definitely did – and still do! – support my decision to enter religious life. It was a joy to have them here. We laughed, caught up on news, prayed, sat together in silence and even went shopping.

On Sunday, as I was reading my Lenten book, Walking Together: Discovering the Catholic Tradition of Spiritual Friendship, by Mary DeTurris Poust, I was reminded of our friendship.

Here’s an excerpt: “As spiritual friends, we are bound together by God the common thread woven into the fabric of our individual lives. God is the rudder that steers our friendships on the right paths, the shining light that leads us even in our darkest moments. Today we celebrate the blessing of friends who see into our souls, know our hearts, share our yearnings. Together we will seek the joy that comes from living a life grounded in something greater than what this world has to offer.”

We are definitely “bound together by God.” We have supported each other during the happy times as well as the difficult times. God has been (and always is) an ever-present companion in our friendship.

Thanks, Maggie and Nancy, for coming. You helped renew my soul … just in time for another wild, noisy, crazy and loving week with the preschoolers. Hello, Monday!!!!! 🙂


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