Ash Wednesday with Catholic Preschoolers

Grace preschoolers are sporting some way-cool ashes today.

If they still have them on by afternoon (I admit, it’s unlikely!), they may have friends and other people look at them funny.

It’s a rite of passage – to be questioned about the ashes – for Catholics.

Why do we have ashes placed on our foreheads during Mass on Ash Wednesday?

I explain that it’s to remind us that we are dependent on God.

Why should we leave the ashes on?

Without getting complicated, I explain that the ashes are special. Father Greg has blessed them. I tell the kids they should not wipe their ashes off, point at their friends at church or laugh.

The ashes are important and special and we should be proud to show everyone!

We also talk about the season of Lent, as we are cleaning our hearts for Easter. We take extra time to pray, we give up things, we serve others. I found a nice little video that helps talk about this, as well as an easy reader printable book about Lent that we will use tomorrow for Jesus Time.

P.S. Vote for our Grace Preschoolers on the Busted Halo Show Us Your Ashes page! Just click on the VOTE button about halfway down the page, look for the pics that say Sister Stefanie MacDonald’s preschoolers at Grace Academy, East Moline, IL, are proud of their ashes! and vote for each one!!!!!

One thought on “Ash Wednesday with Catholic Preschoolers

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