Walking in line with preschoolers

Try walking in line with 18 toddlers. I doubt many 3-year-olds even understand what walking in line means!

But what do we have to do at school? Walk in line!!! We walk in line to get from the classroom to the lunchroom and from the classroom to playground. The time I worry about, though, is walking in a calm but hurried line during a fire drill.

One solution is to have the kids hold onto a rope. I found one in a catalog that has loops for the students to hold as they walk. It looked great but cost $30.00 – too much for a teacher (especially for a Sister teacher). (And, hey, it’s a ROPE. How much should it cost?!)

So I began to think of how I could make one. All I needed was a clothesline, plastic shower rings and good old duck tape. (What did we do before duck tape?!?)

Well it has worked out great. It has helped the kids learn to walk in a line (although a few need a bit more practice.) And thank heaven, we did fine for that first fire drill. Whew!

For a $6.00 investment, I have a great tool that will help keep the kids safe. I’ll tell you, we’re off to a fabulous start this year! 🙂

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