Parent ambassadors make new families feel welcome

Oh my goodness, the first days of a new semester fly by. I need to catch up!

Last week we had an Open House, where we added a new activity. It has to do with our parent “ambassadors,” volunteers who help with everything from open houses to tours and other marketing events. We asked our ambassadors if they would be willing to partner with our new families and boy, did it work well.

First, the ambassadors called the new families personally to invite them to our open house (followed by a fun social).

The ambassadors met the new families as they arrived. After they visited their children’s classrooms, the ambassadors and new families went to the lunch room to listen to a family who had been new last year share about their experiences. They gave helpful hints and ideas for the coming year. It was absolutely great.

Then we enjoyed cookies and punch while the new families got to know each other and the ambassadors. They learned about Grace Academy and the lay of the academic land. It looked and sounded like new friendships were forming, too. What a fun evening!

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