Calming preschool fears for picture day

Wednesday was picture day at Our Lady of Grace. Always an exciting – and sometimes even scary – time for preschoolers.

Some of the kids are naturals in front of the camera – already movie stars! They show all their teeth in a dazzling smile, or pull funny faces. Others are scared and won’t smile. They don’t trust these strange people.

So it’s a challenge to help them all get through it successfully! One blessing is that my class goes first. Alleluia! No worries of getting messed up or dirty before pictures.

To help the kids know what to expect, we prepare the day before. We start with a book about picture day. There are many out there. Here are a few:

It’s Picture Day Today! by Megan McDonald
School Picture Day by Lynn Plourde
Picture Day Perfection by Deborah Diesen
Say Cheese by Lauren Child

Then we have some fun. We practice taking a picture that is a happy smiling picture. Then we make silly faces and take those pictures too. Then we talk and share about times we had  our pictures taken by professional photographers.

So by the time we get in front of the camera, we’re more relaxed and ready to say cheese!

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