Blessing the Fish, Lizzards, Gerbils, Dogs and Cats

The Feast of St. Francis was super fun this year.

That’s because we had a blessing of the animals after school last Friday (which made the whole day suspenseful, of course). 🙂

Parents brought fish and lizzards and dogs and kitties to school near the end of the day.

Kids brought pictures or stuffed animals when their pets couldn’t come. What a glorious little zoo!

My preschool kids were extra excited, because – along with their home pets – we have Chester the Gerbil for our classroom pet.

Of course Chester got to participate!

We put Chester in his exercise ball and brought him outside to receive his little gerbil blessing.

We all had fun … and even made the Channel 8 News. It was another great Grace(d) day! 🙂


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