God in the Smallest Things … God in All!

Sometimes my students remind me that the little things in life can mean the most! On Friday, for instance, we were eating oranges for snack when one of the children said, “This orange is perfect. There must be a God!”

Children can see God in the smallest of things. An orange, the red leaf that falls to the ground. A good silly laugh with a friend. They see God in everything!

Children seem to have God with them and never out of their sight or mind. God is always present to them. They trust with ease and love. It’s sad that we seems to lose that along the way.

Many grownups spend the rest of our lives seeking that deep, child-like relationship with God. I know I am. I am blessed to have found my community as I  – and they – travel on this journey. Together, we seek to grow into an adult level of trust, hope, awareness and love of God … with child-like joy. Together, we seek to know God is always with us, and in everyone we meet.

If you would like to talk about living in community as a Catholic Benedictine Sister, email me at smacdonald@smmsisters.org. I love to share about it … and will happily answer any questions you have! 🙂

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