Busy Times

We all have too-busy times, whether we’re single, married or Catholic Sisters. Well, last week was one of those times for this Sister. Whew!

I started the week in Clyde, Mo. with the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. We were meeting to continue our planning for the next gathering of our group, Sisters 55 & Under. It is a great group of women. We get a lot of work done and still make it to all prayers and have some fun too. On top of it, I got to see where the Communion hosts we use at our own monastery are made!

The week continued with too many meetings, teaching, classes, and school activities. There was one night I couldn’t even make it home for Vespers. I was comforted knowing my community was still praying and holding me in their thoughts as I attended a Home and School Meeting at Our Lady of Grace.

The activity my students enjoyed the most last week was a firefighter visit. We were able to check out the firetruck and even got to hold one of the hoses. We also did many activities around fire safety.

The best activity was “Stay low and go!” (This is one of those wonderful Mailbox Magazine ideas.)

We all stood in a circle with one child in the middle, chanting a fire safety poem by Victor Johnson (If you’re ever in a building and smoke begins to rise, And it’s getting kinda scary and it’s getting in your eyes, There’s something to remember and something you should know, If the building is on fire you stay low and go).

As we chanted, the student in the middle dropped to the ground and crawled out of the circle. Then that student picked a new friend to go in the middle. It was a blast and the students learned how to get out of a building filled with smoke.

It was a great week, but I was real ready for Friday. 🙂

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