Fun as a Catholic Sister

Between my ministry as a Catholic school teacher and my life as a Catholic Sister, people often ask whether I have any time for fun.

I usually laugh, because – although teaching preschoolers is a lot of work too – I think I have the most fun ministry you can have.

And I laugh because – although being a Catholic Benedictine Sister requires getting up for prayers way earlier than I would if left on my own – my life here is such a blessing!

I thought about this as Sister Marilyn Ring and I listened to the music of ABBA at the Pops Concert last week (proof that our lives include plenty of fun!).

As a Catholic Benedictine Sister, I pray and live in community. It’s a lot like any family, except that our purpose for coming together is to seek God. So every day we pray the Liturgy of the Hours at Lauds, Noon and Vespers (those of us who have outside ministries usually do not attend Noonday prayer), as well as Eucharist. We practice Lectio Divina together. We study Scripture, spiritual writing and theology together.

We also take walks, play cards, watch movies and to to concerts together.

Our lives as Catholic Benedictine Sisters aren’t perfect. But they are very, very good. Full of blessings. And even fun. 🙂

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