A Preschool Christmas Concert

After 2 months of practice, the children finally performed their Christmas songs in front of their schoolmates and parents. We had 2 shows: 1 in the afternoon and 1 in the evening. Cookies and punch and a visit with Santa followed the show, making for quite an exciting time!

Hush! There’s a Baby was everyone’s favorite song. The preschoolers acted out their parts with great enthusiasm: covering their mouths with surprise to see a baby, shushing one another to keep from waking him, and finally bursting with excitement with the Good News of Baby Jesus. By the end of the song, they Shout! as they tell the shepherds what they’ve found.

Getting little ones ready to perform takes patience and time, for sure. We started practicing in October. We practiced in the empty auditorium, and later we practiced in front of other students. We talked about good performance manners (smile, hands to ourselves, and look at the audience). Finally, we talked about being patient with one another. This was especially important for our night performance – the children had missed their nap during their afternoon show and so were tired and a little silly.

Overall, everybody had a great time!

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