Silly Socks and More

Yesterday’s theme was “Celebrate Vocations.” Perfect for me! 😉 And if you can’t tell from the photo here, it was also Silly Socks Day!!Sr. Bobbi came to do a presentation on my community, the Benedictine Sisters of St. Mary Monastery, and talk with the students about their
calling for their life.

She centered her talk around the theme that we are
all part of the puzzle that makes up Our Lady of Grace and God’s World.
She showed pictures of her family at the monastery (which includes me!) and took pictures of the students to bring back to show her family.

Then, every student received a piece of the puzzle called “Walk with Jesus” to show that we are all unique, just as our calling is unique, and that it takes all of us to make the the puzzle complete!

Finally, I held a religious scavenger hunt for everyone (check out this website for help with a scavenger hunt:

One thought on “Silly Socks and More

  1. Thank you, Sr. Bobbi, for coming and talking with the students. You did a fantastic job and our puzzle is coming along.


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