Communication: A 2-Way Street!

You can’t always guess what will stress a preschooler. It can be something as small as getting a new comforter for her bed (that really happened!) … or as big as losing a pet. Whatever it is, though, we teachers need to know. Because it will come out one way or another in the classroom!

Because it’s so important to share what’s going on at home, I encourage the parents to clue me in every chance I get. I remind them in our newsletters … at conferences … and when I bump into them in the parking lot. I say, “Please remember to tell me if anything changes at home – whether Dad’s out of town on business, the kitty died, or a special toy has gone missing.” That way, if “Raymond” acts out in class one day, I’ll have an idea of why, and can become part of his support system!

Teachers are trained to communicate with parents about their children’s academic and social development. But for the good of the children, communication must be a 2-way street.

Preschoolers are a resilient group of tender little souls. We need to acknowledge their struggles and give them help and support. Parents, keep us in the loop and we’ll be there for them!!!

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