Going for Lunch, Coming Home with a Carfull of Goodies

Here's the group from another time: Tamara, Me, Maggie, MacKenzie (my sis), Nancy and Jennifer

I recently made a trip to Cedar Rapids to visit some friends, most of whom were fellow teachers with me at St. Pius X. What fun! It is always great to reconnect with good friends. We try to get together 2 to 3 times a year.

I arrived at the school office, where we had planned to meet, a little early. I automatically took my favorite place – sitting on the counter in the office – as I did when I worked there. Brian came in and and glanced my way, then did a double take. It felt like old times!

It was good to see all my friends, talk about old times, and share all our news. I answered questions about the monastery and my life. I listened to stories about their children and families as well as all the Pius news.

I also shared with them about the school I am teaching at now, Our Lady of Grace in East Moline, IL. I shared how I am working with wonderful, hard-working families without much money. These parents are making great sacrifices to send their children to Catholic School. At Pius, it was different. While we had wonderful, hard-working families, most were much wealthier.

My friends are a wonderful example of following the gospel teaching of Jesus. They began to ask, do your students need school supplies? How about uniforms? The library just weeded some books out; could you use them at Our Lady of Grace? Pius is getting a new reading series; could you use some of the old books?

Needless to say I went home with a carfull of things to share with the students at Our Lady of Grace. I am so thankful to have friends who reach to help others. You guys are great!!

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