Jesus: Always Loving Us, Always Lighting Our Way!

Throughout Advent, Jesus Time will take place around the Advent wreath. We review what we’ve learned, and add something new every day. This week, that meant sharing a secret.

Everyone grew quiet and leaned in. We all love secrets! This secret is about the Advent wreath.

We start with the shape of the wreath. It’s a circle. What do we know about circles? We know there is no beginning and no end … just like God. God has always been and always will be.

Next we talk about how the wreath is made of evergreen branches. What do they come from? Christmas trees! Do the colors ever change? No! Are they always green? Yes … just like God. God is always. God always loves us!

Next, we talk about the candle’s bright flame. You can get this, I tell them. What does it mean? Jesus is the light of the world!

Finally, we talk about the red ribbons and holly berries that many wreaths have. What do they mean? No answer. What did Jesus do for us? One child says, “He died on the cross so we can be forgiven for making wrong choices.” Very good. And what happened when Jesus was nailed there? “He bleeded.” Yep, he bled, and the red color reminds us of his blood.

During craft time we finish our paper Advent wreaths, decorating them with candles and berries. Another wonderful step toward Christmas!



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