A Contemplative Advent Prayer Service for Preschoolers

I like to hold a prayer service with the preschool students (shown here from our trip to St. Mary Monastery last week) when we place the next flame on the candle of our advent wreaths, which we will do again tomorrow.

I know, I know: How in the world do you do a prayer service with preschoolers? Well, I will tell you. 🙂

We talk before we begin about how this is a Jesus moment with no talking.

Then, I read the gospel in a child-friendly way with a little explaining of what is happening. I also connect what we are reading with what we have to do. For example, when the voice cries out in the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord, we take time to talk about preparing.

The children understand … especially how we must prepare for a new baby. Baby Jesus is coming: how do we prepare our hearts?

We then go to our table where the play dough is already out and waiting. The students play with the play dough quietly while listening to Waiting in Silence by Carey Landry.

As they work the play dough, I call the children one at a time to glue the paper flame to the advent wreath they made last week.

It’s a contemplative time … even for preschoolers.

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