Giving Frankenstein to Baby Jesus

Before my students left for Christmas, I sent a note home saying we would celebrate Epiphany when they returned by giving a friend in class a gently used book. We also were to pray for our friend over Christmas vacation.

The kids remembered and were excited to celebrate the Wise Men arriving to visit Jesus at school this week. Our celebration included conversations about the gifts the Wise Men brought to Baby Jesus. The kids always have wonderful questions, and it’s cute to hear them struggle to say “frankincense.” (One year, a child asked me why a wise man gave Jesus Frankenstein for his birthday!)

We read about Epiphany in the Child’s Bible, and munched on donuts for snack. Then we had the great gift exchange. The were all excited, each having chosen a special book for her or his friend. One child said, “I picked that book out for George because I know he loves Sponge Bob.”

It was great to see the thought they put into their gifts, as well as the excitement from those who were on the receiving end.

Gifts from the heart are gifts for the heart … from the Wise Men 2,000 years ago to the wise preschoolers today. 🙂

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