Duck Duck Goose … and Listening to God

A stretch of cold weather means a stretch of indoor recess … not a favorite time for teachers! The little ones need to get outside to run, play and scream. Lucky for us, this year we’ve had pretty decent weather. Last week, though, we were indoors. Again, lucky for us, we were able to use the gym.

One of the most popular gym activities has been using hula hoops. You should see the preschoolers try to twist the hoops around their tiny waists! Peg now can get it to go around 3 to 4 times before it drops. She holds the preschool record for the year so far. 🙂

Another fun game is Duck Duck Goose. It’s been great to watch the progress of the kids as they’ve learned the game: at first, they sit in the circle, take turns reciting Duck Duck Duck as they walk around the circle touching everybody’s head, finally say Goose and run like crazy … all over, before finding any old place to sit down.

Soon, the kids learned to run around the circle rather than zigzagging everywhere, but still chose any old place to sit.

Now, they have put it all together, touching heads, saying Duck Duck Goose, running around the circle, and sitting in the spot of the friend they tagged.

They laugh, run and exhaust themselves. Yay!!!!!

It reminds me, as I watch, of our relationship with God. There are days we just run all over the place, not really listening. There are days we run toward God, but aren’t sure where and when to stop and listen. And then there are days when we seem to put it all together as we run toward God, focused on God and listening to God speak to us. Those are grace-filled times.

Meantime, let’s hope for good weather next week. We need to hang upside down and scream our heads off!!! 😉


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