Try indoor recess for your preschoolers

If you live around here (Rock Island, Illinois), you know what the weather’s been like. COLD. Too cold to take preschoolers out to play … which is a horrible state of affairs.

They’ve been pressuring me as we walk across the parking lot back to our classroom from lunch. (Our lunchroom is in our parish’s Cleary Hall. It’s separate from the actual school building.)

“Do we HAVE to go back inside?” “Can’t we go for a walk today?” “Can’t we go to the playground?”

Well, at temperatures that have been reaching 0 on a good day, the answer is no.

So we started having exercise time next our cots.

We touch our toes. We hop, stretch and pretend to ride our bikes as we lie on our backs on our cots.

We even can use our outdoor voices (a little).

The kids enjoy it … and I love the fact that it burns off some of that wild preschool energy that’s been building up for weeks!

But my fingers are crossed for an early spring. 🙂


One thought on “Try indoor recess for your preschoolers

  1. Denise @ Kinder-Touch

    It’s really hard to keep them inside and do stuff to make them busy. I am sure they can’t wait for Spring too and surely will be jumping up and down for joy when it comes!


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