Painting with Preschoolers

painting1The 1st day of painting with preschoolers is always exciting. (And THAT’S an understatement!)

We started with the rules:

1. The blue paint brush stays with the blue paint. The red paint brush stays with the red paint. Otherwise our bright, pretty colors will turn dull!

2. We must NOT paint ourselves or our friends! We must NOT paint the tables or chairs or walls! Paint can only go on paper.

3. When we finish, we must hold our hands up so Sister Stefanie can clean our hands with a baby wipe and put our work in a safe place to dry.

4. We must NOT remove our own paint shirts! We must wait for Sister Stefanie to help us, so we don’t smear wet paint on our good clothes.

Now for the kicker: I tell the preschoolers today is a test. If they can follow the rules, we will paint again. If not, they are showing me they are still too little to paint at school. We won’t be able to paint again.

The preschoolers did a wonderful job. We will paint again. YAY! 🙂

painting3 painting4


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