Bubble Wrap and the Alphabet

IMG_0984Who doesn’t like to pop bubble wrap? If you think you have fun with it, imagine a whole preschool popping bubbles!

That’s just what happened this week, when I tried a new (noisy) way of teaching the alphabet. Using bubble wrap saved by Sister Marilyn (thanks, Sister!!!), I wrote letters on some of the bubbles. Some bubbles remained blank.

The students each received a sheet of bubble wrap. They were bouncing with excitement, but had to name each letter before popping it. Talk about motivation! And when they were done popping letters, they could pop all the blank ones too!

It was such a fun exercise … and not limited to the alphabet. We talked about how the shape changes when the bubble is popped, how the air is released and how the sound is made. It became a science discussion, too.

If addition to letters, you could draw shapes, numbers, small sight words and colors on the bubbles. You could also create patterns, and have your students pop the pattern bubbles. You could have them pop all of one color before moving on to another color, as a sorting activity.

Bubble wrap. Who knew!???? 🙂

P.S. If you don’t have family members saving odd things for you, try putting your request list in your church bulletin. For a Catholic parish, it’s a great way to get the parishioners involved and interested in school projects!

IMG_0989 IMG_0992 IMG_0986 IMG_0982 IMG_0994 IMG_0998 IMG_1001 IMG_0979

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