The Christian Meaning of the Christmas Tree


Our Christmas symbols are rich with meaning … some we don’t even know! I found a song that teaches about the Christmas Tree, and the kids love it.

Christ the King of Christmas reveals the tree as a symbol of our Christian faith. For one thing, we are to stand tall with Jesus, just like our evergreen tree. What does that mean? To do what Jesus asks us to do: forgive, help one another, share.

The lights on the tree represent the radiance of our worshipfulness. I add that the lights shine like the light of Jesus in the world, and that if we are going to be like Jesus, we need to be a light for others, too.

The red stripe of the candy cane reminds us of Jesus’ blood on the cross. The white stripe reminds us that our wrong choices will be wiped clean and forgiven.

Finally, the song shares about Christmas gifts, and what we can give to Jesus. As preschoolers, we don’t have any money. We don’t have a lot of say in what we do, where we go, or even what we eat!

But we can still give the gift of ourselves, by helping and caring for each other, by praying, by going to Mass. I even tell them they can become Sisters or Priests when they grow up. (Hey, I am a vocation director, after all!)

We make paper ornaments to hang on our bulletin board tree, and flip on the pretty lights. Now we have a beautiful – and meaningful – Christmas tree! ❤


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