All About Me (and My Name)


Our second week of school was All About Me, and we began with names.

Names are so important! They make us feel like we belong, like people care about us. Here are a few ways we have begun to learn each other’s names here at Grace:

1. We become cheerleaders!

I write the name of one friend on the smart board and we say all the letters. We then go into cheerleader mode. I shout Give me a _____ and the students shout the letter after me. When we’re done spelling the name, I shout What does that spell? and everyone answers _____ (the child’s name).

2. We make a book.

Each student has her or his picture taken with another friend. We write on a paper Hi! My name is Anna and this is my friend Fred. Then we gather the photos and papers together and make a book.

The students love to read the book all year! And when new students join us, we add them to the book.

3. We play a name game.

We take turns rolling a beach ball to all our friends as we name them.

Jesus always called people by name. We learn early that to do so honors them … and us. It makes a community that Jesus himself would feel at home in.

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