Caring & Counting with Bears!

IMG-4556 fb

Ten in the Bed is one of our favorite songs.

We love to sing along with the video. And we especially love the surprise ending! (You’ll have to watch it to see what happens.)

Like life itself – and I can point this out in my Catholic preschool classroom – the moral is a wonderful example of God’s love.

I tell my students that God created us to live with and care for each other, which is what the little bear learns when he finds that he misses the other bears.

It’s also a great song for practicing counting backwards, starting at 10 and ending up at 1.

We hold our fingers up as we go: 10, 9, 8, etc.

But I’ve also invited the students to think of other ways to show the numbers. For example, 8 can be shown by holding up 4 fingers on each hand, or by holding up 5 on one hand and 3 on the other.

This is important, because it encourages the kids to think more broadly and creatively. It shows them there’s more than one way to find the correct answer.

It also reminds me, as a teacher, that how we get to the answer is far more important then then the answer itself. That thinking itself is key.

I look forward to the day someone thinks about adding their toes, or teaming up with a friend to show how more than two hands can be used to show the number!

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