100 Days Already? Whew!!

We recently celebrated the 100th day of school. It is hard to believe that far into the school year already! This year we celebrated on the 100th day, but I also incorporated 100 into our literacy centers, math centers and religion class for the whole week.

For our literacy centers we:

Created a class book to answer the question: What you you like 100 of? Each child made her/his own page of cakes, unicorns, pizzas, butterflies. I chose ice cream cones!!

Put together Number Word Letter Tile Cards

For our math centers we:

Linked together 100 colorful plastic links

Glued 100 cheerios to a bowl on a piece of paper

Glued 100 pom poms to ice cream cones in group of ten

For religion we:

Wrote something about Jesus and God on each of 100 paper hearts. Here are some of their cutest responses: Jesus is Fr. Greg’s best friend!  Jesus got lost when he was a kid.  Jesus loves us and we love Jesus too.  The rainbow is God’s promise!!

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