The Feast of St. … “Kolastica”?!

Last Friday I taught my preschoolers about Saint Scholastica. It was her feast day. As a founder of my community – the Benedictine Sisters of St. Mary Monastery – we celebrate it. So we decided to celebrate in our Catholic preschool classroom, too!!

I gathered the students around to tell them one of my favorite stories about St. Scholastica and her brother, St. Benedict. I love sharing this story because it about a close relationship between a sister and a brother that the students can relate to.

Benedict has left his monastery for the day to visit his sister, who also lives a monastic life. When evening comes, Scholastica asks Benedict to stay longer. She has missed him and wants to continue talking about God and spiritual matters. Benedict says no. His monastic commitments mean he must return before sundown. Scholastica bows her head and prays to God. God listens to her request. Suddenly it start to rain so hard that Benedict is unable to leave. Visibly upset, he asks her what she has done. Scholastica tells him that he would not listen so she asked God and God listened. This is a wonderful story of the importance of love over law!

Next, we colored a picture to illustrate the story. Finally, we shared a special treat prepared by Sister Germaine to help celebrate the day. It’s wonderful when my home life and school life overlap like this!!

The next day, one of the parents shared that her daughter had told her about St. Benedict and his sister St. “Kalastica.” Mom said she tried to correct the name, but her daughter insisted that it was “Kalastica.” We all laughed about it, and Mom said this was the reason she and her husband send their kids to Catholic school: they learn about the saints, they learn about the power of love, and they have fun doing it!

Our own celebration included special readings at Vespers, followed by a lovely and leisurely dinner. Community life just as St. Scholastica would have ordered!

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