Following Mary’s Yes

This morning Bishop Joe reflected on Mary, as a guide to our own discipleship of Jesus.

First, Mary listened, and heard God, and said Yes. This is Lesson #1.

Lesson #2 happens immediately after Mary’s Yes. Mary begins carrying Jesus, and we see the power of that when she goes to visit her pregnant cousin, Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s own baby – John the Baptist – leaps for joy in his mother’s womb at the presence of Jesus. The lesson? We must carry Jesus within ourselves, so that we may bring his blessing to others!

As Bishop Joe talked about Mary and Elizabeth, an image popped into my head. On the feast of the Annunciation, a friend of mine posted a picture of the 2 of them on her Facebook page (I posted it here).

As I looked at the picture, my heart filled with joy. They look so very happy as they greet each other! Elizabeth is looking toward heaven as if to thank God for this great blessing, while Mary radiates joy.

Both women were attuned to God’s will. Mary can help guide us to be attuned to … and say Yes to … God’s will.

Both women were called to go beyond what they thought possible. They put their trust in God. Mary can help us put our trust in God.

When we put our trust in God it is called Faith.

One thought on “Following Mary’s Yes

  1. […] As soon as Mary says Yes, the Word becomes Flesh. We have been so focused on the birth that we sometimes overlook the incarnation! In fact, it is the beginning of our redemption: Jesus living with us. (Read Sister Stefanie’s reflection on this blessing.) […]


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