An Invitation to You

Recently we celebrated the Feast of St. Clare. She’s important to me … even though she is a Franciscan – not a Benedictine – saint. My love for her has something to do with my own journey and I will get back to that later.

St. Clare was born in Assisi, and when she was 18 years old she heard St. Francis preach. That night, she ran away to join St. Francis even though her father wanted her to marry.

Francis first placed her with the Benedictines near Bastia. When Clare’s sister Agnes came to join her they both moved to the church of San Damiano, and that is where the first women’s community of Franciscans started.

So look there is a connection between St. Clare and the Benedictines!

I have a similar connection between orders, but I ended up choosing the Benedictines.

I was educated by and worked for the Franciscans. I thought hard about entering the order when Sister Carol invited me to consider it. Although my journey took me to the Benedictines, it began with that invitation … and that is what I spent the rest of the day thinking about.

There is something special about an invitation. I believe we feel wanted and welcomed when someone invites us. I believe many – if not most – of us Sisters would not be in our orders today if not for an invitation!

I greatly appreciate the invitation from Sr. Carol, even if I did end up in a different order. So now I am going to send out an invitation to you. Have you ever thought of religious life? Do you think God may be calling you?

If you can say “maybe,” I invite you to explore it with us. Come visit! E-mail me at Please answer my invitation to you!

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