Still on the Road … to Salvation :)

Sister Stefanie prays Lauds with Sisters Claudia (left), and Catherine Cleary (right).

After 6 years in this Benedictine community, I will make my Final Profession in July. I am living proof of St. Benedict’s words of wisdom: “The road that leads to salvation is bound to be narrow at the outset.” It’s been narrow at times, but I’m still on the road!

My Sisters have been instrumental in keeping me upright and moving in the right direction. They have always offered an understanding shoulder and a listening ear. They have become my new family, for which I am deeply grateful! Continue Reading

An Invitation to You

Recently we celebrated the Feast of St. Clare. She’s important to me … even though she is a Franciscan – not a Benedictine – saint. My love for her has something to do with my own journey and I will get back to that later.

St. Clare was born in Assisi, and when she was 18 years old she heard St. Francis preach. That night, she ran away to join St. Francis even though her father wanted her to marry. Continue Reading

Holy Enough?

Even today, a generation after the (Second Vatican) Council’s affirmation of the universal call to holiness, there is still evidence that some young people do not consider joining the priesthood or religious life because they do not feel that they are “holy enough.”Sr. Patricia Wittberg, S.C., Pathways to Re-creating Religious Communities

I can tell you that this was a fear of mine when I first started to look at religious life. How could I possibly be holy enough? Continue Reading

What a Wonderful Retreat!!

Hi everyone! I’m back from BSWR and on to a family get-away with my parents and sister, MacKenzie. Here’s a pic of us clowning at the Milwaukee County Zoo! MacKenzie will come back to the monastery with me for a few days next week, and we are both looking forward to it. She loves the Sisters and they love her. She’ll be very busy! Continue Reading

Benedictine Values: Simplicity

Many religious orders take vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, but Benedictine Sisters do not. When we become Sisters, we make monastic profession of 3 promises: obedience, stability and fidelity to the monastic way of life. It is within the promise of stability that we commit ourselves to chastity and monastic poverty, or simplicity. Continue Reading

Introducing Me!

I am Sister Stefanie MacDonald a Catholic Benedictine Sister of St. Mary Monastery in Rock Island, Illinois who teaches preschool at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy in East Moline. Before I became a Sister, I taught Kindergarten at St. Pius X School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I love teaching … but almost didn’t become a teacher. Continue Reading