Flood Update

Preschool classrooms are – duh! – mostly organized at an adult’s knee-level. So when my classroom flooded last week, the result was a real mess.

The insurance company has been very helpful, and the restoration company has been a life-saver. Nevertheless, we’ve lost lots of wonderful books, some toys, and some of our beloved stuffed animals. Every cable was destroyed, but we think the Smart Board is fine. I’ll update you when I have a cable to check. The things that were saved, already replaced or rebuilt include tables, chairs, a fridge, the nap cots, bookshelves and some stuffed animals and toys.

The floor is being refinished, the carpets are being cleaned.

This experience has certainly been frustrating, but it’s also shown me how fortunate I am to have listened to God’s call to enter religious life. Our shared life is so sustaining for me! When I go home after working on cleanup all day, my Sisters are waiting for me. They give me more support – and help, as we begin to laminate all new materials! – than I had ever dreamed of having.

Life in a Catholic Benedictine monastic community is like that. We might not be biological sisters, but we are sisters to one another by choice. And this week they’re all standing by, scissors, rulers and markers in hand. 🙂

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