How the seed has begun to take root!

This week we have been back at it. It began with the students taking inventory as they hung up their coats and back packs. We have new bookshelves! Where are all the wood blocks? Where is (insert the child’s favorite stuffed animal)?

After we were settled in, I explained what had happened, showed the students where the water came from and reassured them that even though some things are missing – they hadn’t noticed the books yet – we will get along without them until they are replaced.

I allowed the students time to ask questions and I answer the ones I could. They handled everything well. Most important, they were all happy to see that Chester was happy and alive and not in water!

There is much to be thankful for. I am thankful to my students’ parents, for one thing, for their understanding last week. I am thankful, as well, to the families and parishioners who are helping replace items that have been lost.

Finally, I am thankful for the lesson. As I was reflecting on a gospel reading this week, I saw the idea of losing things in a new light. The gospel was unless a grain of wheat should fall to the ground and die, it remains a single grain. I thought about my classroom in this light. The classroom and the ideas in it were the seed. During the flood many things – ideas, materials – died. In the end, wonderful new insights, relationships and growth will come of it … for parents, administration, children and teacher!!

One thought on “How the seed has begun to take root!

  1. We love you, Sr. Stefanie! My family is so blessed to have you, not only in Hannah’s life, but our’s too!


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