Living out my dream

Wow! My Final Profession was wonderful and beautiful. I think I am still trying to decide if it was all real!

The ceremony took place during Mass. It was graced by the presence of my Sisters, family of origin and friends. The music added such beauty to the ceremony, with 2 Franciscan Sister friends singing and playing violin. Of course, our own Sister Susan played the organ beautifully as well.

I am blessed to have found the community and place I belong. My Aunt told me she thinks I am “lucky” because I am able to “live out my dream.” Not everyone is able to do that! I had never thought of it that way … but I’ve always known how blessed I am here.

I believe I am still processing the day, and still celebrating, too. But however long it takes me, I know this: I will treasure all my profession memories. I will treasure my Sisters and friends and family. And I will treasure the opportunity to seek God forever with – and in – my Benedictine community.

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3 thoughts on “Living out my dream

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  2. Gloria MacDonald

    Congratulations! Wish I could have been there. Sounds like it was beautiful.
    Love, Grammy


  3. Thanks Grammy. I missed you but knew you where there in spirit.



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