Tractors, Lemons and Hippos, Oh My!

Last week I went on a real vacation with my family. It’s the first real vacation trip I’ve taken  since I entering the community. I mean, during the last six summers I visited home and we took a small day trips to places like Galena and Eagle Point Park. (I love Dubuque!)

But this year, I had a REAL vacation. It came courtesy of my newly-retired father, whose school had given him a trip to the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a gift for his years of service. My parents were nice enough to ask if MacKenzie and I wanted to go along.

Did I!!!!? I checked my vacation money with the Monastery (we get an amount every year that we can save or spend, and I tend to save). Yep, I had enough to join them, so I said Save me a spot!

Our first stop was South Bend. (If you are a regular reader, you know I was already there for work this summer, but hey. This was my dad’s trip.)

You’re probably thinking Dad stopped there to tour Notre Dame. (He is a deacon, after all.) But nope! We went to the Studebaker Museum! (There really is one!) We also went to a history museum and to the Oliver House (Oliver Tractors).

Next stop was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. (Way cool.) On the way home we went to the Toledo Zoo. (Great hippo exhibit … along with other great stuff!)

This vacation was a wonderful family time, filled with new experiences, laughs and fun. Looking back on it, it’s amazing what interesting and fabulous things are right in front of us … or at least within a few hours’ drive.

As always, though, I was glad to get home and sleep in my own bed. I’m also glad to be back at school. The kids aren’t there yet, of course, but I have started to clean and sort through things for the incoming class. Also I need to finish up a big project for school as well as home. I hope to share that with you soon! 🙂


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