Perfect for the Catholic Preschool Scene: Smart Boards and Quietube!

We were lucky to get Smart Boards here at Our Lady of Grace a couple of years ago … and I don’t think I could get by without one anymore. (Well, maybe I could. But I wouldn’t want to.) 🙂

We begin every day with a routine on the Smart Board. The kids check in as they arrive, moving their names from one end of the board to the other. Then our Leader for the Day takes her wand up to the board and helps us go through our steps: prayers, Pledge, Welcome Song (it comes from Dr. Jean, one of my favorite children’s musicians).

We sing a lot of songs! Before we had the Smart Board, we used CDs (still a long way from the old vinyl, I know). Today, though, our board allows such easy access and big screen viewing we all love it!

Another great development – at least for the Catholic preschool scene, where we don’t want a lot of uncontrolled distractions or inappropriate video tiles on our screen – is a site called “Quietube.” All you see is the video you want. No ads, no unwanted videos, no anything but the video you’re looking for. Be sure to check it out!

My most recent triumph happened when I figured out how to put the great Quietube videos directly into our Smart Board program. (I had been trying lots of different ways to quickly access them, including emailing myself the links in a Word document. Very tedious.)

Here’s what I did: I found pictures of the videos (try stopping them on the shot you like, and then using your “Grab” application to copy and save it). I uploaded those pictures, linked them to the videos, and put them into the Smart Board. Now the kids just touch the picture they want to sing and dance to, and, Voila! We’re singing and dancing!

I uploaded my first children’s Smart Board song onto the Smart Exchange site. Check it out and use it if you want. And holler if you need any guidance with this. Sometimes I feel like we’re all reinventing the wheel every day. If I can help you NOT reinvent it, cool!


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