Always a Learner … even as Teacher

The Road to Eternal Life by Michael Casey, OSB, is filled with gems. One line that struck me today is, “Monastic life, spiritual life is all about becoming a learner, a disciple.”

In school to become teachers, we were taught that we needed to be – and create – life-long learners. This is a goal that we seek to accomplish with every child. It’s why we teach!

But until today, I never connected that goal to my monastic spiritual life. Sure, I knew we were called to always seek, work and develop our spiritual muscles. But the idea of life-long learning never made it out of my education workshops and classes. Until now.

We are and need to be life-long learners in many areas of our lives. Intellectually, emotionally, socially, and yes even spiritually. But this learning must all be put into practice. As Casey says, “It is not just a matter of doing but a matter of first learning and then doing.”

When we are able to do what we have learned, we become practitioners; disciples. We welcome God along every step of our journey. Further, as Casey concludes, “The important principle is, however, that we do seek to be guided on our way to God, believing that if we are sincere in our search, God will never leave us without indications of the way that leads to life.”

God is the ultimate teacher … always supporting our desire to learn. If you would like to discuss this more, email me at I love to share ideas! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Always a Learner … even as Teacher

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