A fun way to learn farm babies

With a name like MacDonald, you can believe I’ve heard the Old MacDonald song a lot in my life. When I graduated college, I even received a book called “Miss MacDonald had a Class”!

It’s a good thing I love the song. And right now we’re singing it as we learn about farms. Why? Because it helps teach farm vocabulary!

At least the way WE sing it. That is, we begin with a cow, because everybody knows what cows are. (And on that farm he had a cow, EIEIO!) Then we sing about the baby of the cow, the calf. Next, we sing about the boy cow, a bull. Of course they all “Moo”!

We sing about chickens, chicks and roosters … geese, goslings and ganders … ewes, lambs and rams. We do a lot of singing. Not only do they learn easily that way, heartfelt singing – and is there another kind? – is a great way to get a bunch of preschoolers’ ya-yas out this time of year. 🙂

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