Crowning Mary and Learning the Rosary in Preschool

May is Mary’s month, and we’ve celebrated in a couple of ways. First, we all took part in crowning the Blessed Mother and placing flowers at her feet. And second, we learned the Rosary.

You might think preschoolers are a little young to learn the Rosary, but it’s really the perfect age. They listen with such innocence and eagerness!

So we began with our religion book lesson, which gave a pretty good overview. Then we explored the Rosary itself, learning that there are different beads for different prayers, and that you pray 10 Hail Marys for every single Lord’s Prayer. We compared the big beads to the small beads.

There’s a lot to discover about this beautiful devotion in a preschool classroom!!

We also made our own Rosaries, which was both fun and meaningful. Some children brought beautiful Rosaries from home to share with us, and that was fun, too. We also colored a picture of Mary.

Finally, we trooped over to the church with our 6th grade buddies to pray the Rosary with the whole school. What a joy to hear all those little voices praying the Hail Mary and Our Father!

This religion lesson is what I mean about integrating our lives of prayer with all we do. From the counting lessons to the art lessons, Mary was an integral part of our lesson.

As for introducing new prayers to the children? It’s a blessing to help them discover new ways and times to pray. Whether we are praying a devotion like the Rosary, or contemplatively, as we do in our 3-minute Centering Prayer, we learn we can pray any time. We can pray as we craft our art, as we sit still, as we hold sacred beads. And we can say anything to God that we wish.

This is my Benedictine heritage. If you would like to learn more about it, please holler. I love to share!! 🙂

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