Bouncing out of preschool

Preschoolers always miss out on afternoon fun because they are napping at that time. So, when the whole school scheduled their end-of-the-year Field Day for afternoon, I decided to have our own in the morning. 🙂

It was a blast!!

We set up the gym (it was raining outside) with a bean bag toss, beach ball volleyball, a parachute and the runaway favorite, the bouncy house.

Parent volunteers took groups of 5 kids to each station to play for a good long time. Juice boxes and treats (not healthy, for a change!) supplied extra energy.

By the end of the morning, we were hot, sweaty and tired. Our own Field Day was just wonderful … and while the older kids played in the afternoon, we enjoyed well-earned naps.

It was a fabulous way to end the school year. As for me, I’m still too tired to miss school … but check with me next week. I’ll be missing those sweet little faces like crazy.

Happy beginning of summer, everyone!!!!


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