It starts with a whisper …

We all have songs that move us in ways we can’t articulate or even understand. Right? 🙂

One of mine is “The Whisper,” by New Kids on the Block. (Okay, I’m showing my age, but hey.)

“The Whisper” pulls me straight to God. I know it’s not Mass music or even Christian rock. I don’t think God’s voice is limited to certain types of music, though. I think we can hear it wherever we listen for it.

Listen to this:

“I hear a voice, hear a voice that I recognize, pulling me closer; your every word, every word that I hear tonight. It’s winning me over.”

God’s voice certainly can win us over and pull us closer to God.

“There’s no use running, what we got coming, You don’t have to be afraid.”

How true there is no use running from God! God calls us all to something and God does not stop.

We need to stop and listen and not be afraid. We need to answer that whisper.

“It starts with a whisper, then a heartbeat, then it works it way inside, Till you got me, you’re all I hear tonight.”

God has a way of working into our hearts.

“It’s getting louder and louder, Then you softly blow my mind.”

Boy, doesn’t God have a way of doing that, too! We think we have it all figured out and then God flips things around and changes our life.

“The whisper it’s never been so loud … Cause you’re the one, you’re the one who can light that spark, Blow it all open … Calling out, calling out. It was always you.”

God lights the spark. When we answer the call that spark explodes.

Listen for that whisper. Contact me if you think it might be leading you here:

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