The Catholic School Advantage for Latinos

My busy summer has taken me to the University of Notre Dame (that’s the Basilica pictured here) for a Latino enrollment institute. Sponsored by the Alliance for Catholic Education, it aims to serve our Latino populations better by giving them the gift of a Catholic education. As the marketing chair of Grace Academy, I hope to return home with some great new ideas … and another incredible experience.

This is, after all, the summer of incredible experiences. First, the monastic retreat. Then a joyful jubilee celebration. Next, immersion in a liturgical conference at another monastery. Now this, at beautiful Notre Dame. 🙂

The first thing I did after arriving here – well, after moving in to my dorm room – was visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. What a beautiful and prayerful place. I have always been attracted to quiet, prayerful places … even before becoming a nun. In fact, when I started discerning my vocation, I realized that a monastery would be the perfect home for me because of the emphasis on silence and prayer.

Next, we gathered for a wonderful dinner where we all met new people. I love how my circle of friendship keeps growing.

Our work consists of 5 sessions. We will learn how to better train our staff to be culturally sensitive to children from other traditions. We will learn how to better welcome new families, and to better communicate with them. We will also learn how to find and cultivate scholarship donors – a key part of what needs to happen at a small Catholic school!

I really am blessed to be here, learning all these new things … and experiencing the beauty of this extraordinary campus. I just hope it doesn’t rain the whole time I’m here. 🙂

One thought on “The Catholic School Advantage for Latinos

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