Yay for the First Snow!

Oh no! It’s the first snow, and it’s only October! Teacher always have a harder time keeping students’ attention on the first snowfall of the school year.

I guess I can’t blame them. I am almost as excited as they are!

Even from our basement room we can see the big white snowflakes. We also were excited to put snow in our weather graph at calendar time.

In honor of the snow, we changed a few things today. We listened to the song “Let it Snow” and drew snow pictures. We titled the pictures what the kids wanted to do in the snow. We dated them with a note that it was the first snowfall of the year.

Then we went outside and took everyone’s picture in the snow before they started playing in it. I emailed the photos to moms and dads. Tonight, I will also print the pictures out and attach them to their snow pictures.

So, Yay for the first snow!!!

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