A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Oh Boy! What a day yesterday was. There was yelling, pushing, hitting and shoving. There was tattling. (I think tattling drives me the craziest.) There was no way we were treating each other like Christ. So I called a Come To Jesus meeting.

We talked about what was happening.

Why were we having such a horrible day? Well, our friend was doing something we didn’t like. I asked, Did you tell her you didn’t like it? Of course not. We just hit and pushed and yelled and shoved.

I said, Jesus wouldn’t hit or push or yell or shove. He would tell his friend, “Please stop. I don’t like it when you mark my paper with your crayon.”

I explained that if we don’t tell our friends what we don’t like, they won’t know!

We spent the rest of the morning practicing telling instead of yelling. But the struggle continued as we lined up for lunch. (We shoved each other in order to stand next to the “right” person.)

I called the children back for another Jesus meeting. (Oh, boy. 2 Jesus meetings in 1 day. Aargh!)

This time I called on the Rule of Benedict. We talked about how we each have Jesus inside of us. Because of that, we need to behave like Jesus … and treat others like Jesus.

We lined up alphabetically then, to remove the shoving temptation, and finally made it over to the cafeteria. The children then apologized to the lunch staff for being late.

We ate a very quiet lunch. You could tell they were thinking. We went back to the room for our nap, and when the children woke up, they were kinder, gentler, nicer people.

The lesson? Jesus + Naps = A Less Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. In fact, the afternoon was heaven! 🙂


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