Grace Celebrates Veterans Day

Grace Academy celebrates Veterans Day every year. We start around the flag pole with the presentation of the colors by the Mexican American Veterans Association.Taps is played, the National Anthem is sung.

At Mass this year, Fr. Greg gave a beautiful homily thanking the vets for their service and presenting them with a small gift. After Mass, the older students listened to a speaker talk about Hero Street, and enjoyed refreshments with the vets.

Hero Street in Silvis, Ill., has a fascinating history. For example, “It has been documented that as of the present day there have been over 100 young men and women from Second Street who have given service to the Untied States Military Forces. It had been researched and documented by The Department of Defense in Washington, D.C. that (there is no other street of comparable size) that has had as many men and women render service to the Armed Forces of the United States of America then the 11/2 block long street in Silvis, Illinois.”

It was a moving experience … and one that underscored my prayer that we learn to find peaceful ways to solve our problems, forever. Just like Jesus would do.

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