Thanksgiving (Preschool) Blessings

Preschoolers love Thanksgiving … but then, preschoolers love all holidays. We get to draw pictures, sing songs and have parties, Yay!!!

Thanksgiving is extra special in a Catholic preschool, because we get to focus on our blessings. What has God given us that we can be thankful for? What does God give us every day?

Count My Blessings 1 Through 10, by Salina Yoon, is a wonderful thankfulness book. We love to read it, sharing our blessings as we learn what the small bear is grateful for.

It prompted us to create our own blessings book. Our book features a 1-10 list of what we are thankful for at school … and believe me, the kids enjoyed choosing items!! 🙂

We also have been singing a new favorite song, Little Pilgrim by the Learning Station.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday … made even more wonderful at Grace Academy because we can share our love of Jesus and our gratitude for the many blessings he gives us: friends, a fun and cozy place to learn, toys. As for me, my greatest blessing is all the little faces I get to teach and love every day. Thank you, Jesus!!! 🙂

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