Thankfulness Turkeys for Catholic Grade School

thankful-turkey-for-websiteOne of the first social skills we teach to toddlers is to say “thank you” … and we follow up on that in preschool.

If a big kid holds the door for you, if a teacher hands you a snack, if someone compliments your cute new boots, you say “Thanks”!

There’s a lot to be thankful for, and this time of year we spend time talking about it … and doing something about it. Continue Reading

Many Thanks

Every year in preschool, we talk about being thankful for all the blessings God gives us. It’s a wonderful day that we all enjoy.

First, I sing “Thank You, God” from Hi God 1 by Carey Landry. Next, we name all many things we are thankful for. I always make sure every child has the chance to share an idea. (And if you work with preschoolers, you know that can be tricky when some are “shouty” and others timid.) Continue Reading