Happy Thanksgiving to our Catholic Sister Pen Pals!

Grace preschoolers have become pen pals with my Benedictine Catholic Sisters this year. It’s one of our service projects, but you’d be hard pressed to figure out who is benefitting more from the experience.

The Sisters love getting their letters, and the kids can’t wait for their replies!

Last week we read the first 6 letters out loud. The children were very excited. One little girl told her mom everything about the letters at lunch. She was especially excited about the smiley face one of the Sisters put on her letter! 🙂

Our cards back to the Sisters included hand print turkeys (oh boy, paint was everywhere!). The kids told me and my teacher associate what to say (mostly they shared their ages, their siblings’ names, and what they like to do) in their cards.

This is a great Thanksgiving activity for Catholic preschoolers. Not only does it help them get to know real Catholic Sisters, it eases them into an attitude of gratitude for things and people outside their own homes. Who wouldn’t be grateful to be given a smiley face!?!!

We are already looking forward to visiting St. Mary Monastery on Dec. 18 and meeting our pen pals in person. We will sing, enjoy a cookie and milk, and decorate the dining room tree for our wonderful new friends.

And be grateful every minute. 🙂

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